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 Christian Frobeen

Christian Frobeen, Managing Director of Frobeen Travel Experience 




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Latin America is our passion ...

 ... and therefore you can be sure that we want to show you our favorite countries from the most beautiful side!

We are at your side with words and deeds for the planning and implementation of your personal dream trip. Christian Frobeen himself lived in Latin America for many years and you can benefit from his personal experiences and his detailed knowledge of the regions. Use our know-how as a Latin America specialist!


The following is Mr. Frobeen's travel experience regarding the Panama/San Blas Islands (Caribbean) small group tour in April 2023 as well as the inspection trip in the Caribbean that Mr. Frobeen conducted before the Panama small group tour:

The small group dream trip from April 01.04st. – April 17.04.2023th, XNUMX Panama/San Blas dream trip see below www.panama-specialist.com went fantastic.

Here is an excerpt of his personal Experiences regarding his additional inspection trip in the Caribbean:

"On this small group trip to Panama & San Blas Islands that I led, I personally traveled intensively through the Caribbean from the beginning of March 2023, inspecting the following islands:
Grenada, Grenadine Islands, Union Island, Carriacou, San Vincent, Tobayo Island, Barbados, Trindad plus Cuba.
As a summary, I can say that the San Blas Islands (Panama), which have already been visited several times, have the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world!
Many fellow travelers who have traveled all over the world confirm this statement. The San Blas Islands, about 365 islets are partly uninhabited and only about 10 islands are populated by the Kuna Indians. The San Blas Islands are an absolute insider tip in terms of beach quality, clearly preferable to Grenada and Barbados, for example! A trip to Cuba was originally planned for next year, but I was very disappointed in Cuba, I'm even deeply shocked by the current situation in Cuba. Unfortunately, the USA embargo is causing this great country a lot of trouble and we have to hope that this embargo will be lifted as soon as possible. Compared to my last round trip through Cuba, the situation regarding poverty etc. has gotten much worse and I personally have never inhaled so many exhaust fumes in one day as in Havana/Cuba. In addition, there is a massive fuel shortage in Cuba. Unfortunately, Cuba is currently not suitable for a small group trip."

As an alternative to Cuba, Grenada and Barbados, for example, Panama and the San Blas Islands are a true paradise!

The next travel date for Panama & San Blas Islands/Caribbean is over Easter 2024, see below www.panama-specialist.com
Please also watch the video with sound!

Our Aspiration

We want you to find the countries of South America as fascinating and unique as we do. That's why we aim to arouse your passion too! Equally for Ecuador, Galápagos, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Argentina or for the Central American state of Panama with its beautiful Caribbean islands (San Blas), where our Easter 2022 anniversary trip from April 09th ​​to 25.04.2022th, 2023 took us. This trip was unique and we can only recommend that you book this trip to what are probably the most beautiful beaches in the world on the San Blas Islands/Panama/Caribbean, unique even for a tour operator! After repeating this dream trip in 28.03, the next date is March 07.04.2024rd. - XNUMX (over Easter), see below www.panama-specialist.com .  Mr. Frobeen can also offer you a pre- or post-program in Panama or Costa Rica. Let the Latin America specialist Mr. Frobeen advise you personally!

Fantastic San Blas Islands

see also below 


Drone footage from our recent trip to the San Blas Islands! ... Simply heavenly, crystal clear approx. 28 degrees Celsius warm water, no hotel bunkers, but pure paradise ....


For January 2025 we are planning a so-called “pilot trip” to Antarctica, which Mr. Frobeen will accompany himself. The flight will be from/to Punta Arenas (Chile) to Antarctica and we will take a wonderful 8 day/7 night cruise on a small Antarctic ship towards the South Pole. We would be happy to plan a pre- or post-program for you, for example in Chile (prices/information on request).

Tip: Mr. Frobeen recently traveled as far south as Cape Horn on an inspection trip in southern Chile and experienced a very strong swell in the Drake Passage. The large cruise ships do have stabilizers, but even these do not avoid severe rocking. It therefore makes sense to fly the stormy Drake Passage from/to Punta Arenas (Chile) and to book a small, compact ship (maximum of 73 participants!) from/to Antarctica, where the service is much more personal than on a ship big ship. Mr. Frobeen recommends the very modern new ship Magellan Explorer, see below. For current information on the planning status of this unique pilot trip, see below Pilot voyage Antarctica spring 2025

Polar Circle Air Cruise small

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Magellan Explora Antarctica ship

Airplane in Antarctica

AXXI CA08 OCN 2016 17 Nicolas Danyau 142 DSC1182 2small

KAY AXXI CA1 1314 Jonathan Zaccaria 20131205 2590 small

Sandra Walser MG 0553small

EXP Constantinos 315 1 CA1A 1213small

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Ruslan Eliseev 2016 17 IMG2680 small

A21 MAG01 BB MAG 2019 TomArbanPhotography Cabins 10 small

Bar Magellan Explorer

Dining on the Magellan Explorer 

A cheaper Antarctic ship is the Ocean Nova (please click on deck plans to enlarge):

Ocean Nova Antaktis ship

 Ocean Nova interior view

You will receive detailed information from us, which can also be discussed in greater depth over the phone in a personal consultation. You will receive a tailor-made program, which will give you a fascinating insight into the exciting culture of Latin America.

Immerse yourself in the Latin American way of life. On your journey you will experience spectacular landscape scenarios that are second to none. Whether in the fascinating Andean highlands, on the trail of Alexander von Humboldt, in the magical Amazon rainforest or as guests of the unique animal family of the Galápagos, which Charles Darwin made famous through his theory of evolution.

Latin America is an extremely diverse travel destination and worth a very special trip!

Frobeen Erlebnisreisen has been offering environmentally and socially compatible tourism to the countries of South America for over 25 years.

So if you are looking for an experienced Latin America specialist, you have come to the right place.


Our hotels

In our round trips, we combine the highest level of authenticity typical of the country with (a standard for us Central Europeans) minimum comfort. We organize (upper) middle class hotels for you. Here we make sure to bring the special South American ambience as close as possible to you and focus on hotels and haciendas in colonial style.

You are welcome to choose an upgrade to the 4-star category at any time. In the big cities you can also stay overnight in first class or luxury class hotels for an extra charge.

For example, be a guest in the hacienda "La Cienega", where Alexander von Humboldt stayed during his legendary research trip in 1802.


Our travel options

Whether you want a trip in a small group of up to 16 people or prefer a private trip for 2 people with your own driver guide, you choose!

Our trips are carried out with trained, German-speaking tour guides. If you prefer an English-speaking guide, we can of course reserve an experienced, local, English-speaking guide for you.

We offer you the full range that is available on site. We are sure to find the right variant for you!


Our ships

On the Galapagos you can choose between over 80 ships, from the small upper middle class motor yacht to the very comfortable 1st class superior or luxury ship from our local partners.

In Antarctica we favor the expedition ship Magellan Explorer or Ocean Nova. Talk to us and we will share our passion for Latin America & Antarctica with you!

Your Christian Frobeen

PS: If you want to get a special group organized, no problem. We have designed and carried out numerous special groups, for example for the VHS or various banks. In addition, we have organized numerous television productions for the television stations ARD, Vox and RTL (e.g. "Tauchspezial", "Ein Tag wie kein Andere").

Helicopter picture RTL production
Mr. Frobeen during a television production in Ecuador, along with camerawoman and assistant directors on board a helicopter.

Talk to Latin America expert Mr. Frobeen or email us:

Phone: +49 (0)7633-93 9 93-60
E-mail: info@frobeen.de