September 2009

"Dear Mr. Frobeen,

Behind numerous e-mails, telephone calls, requests for payment, payment confirmations and similar business liabilities, there are people, living beings who, through a business contract, feel responsible for the course of travel and the well-being of customers - just as living beings.

It has to be like this, otherwise your organization could not have worked so well.

You are not only measured by the smooth interlocking of the various logistics stages, such as pick-ups, guides, hotels, transfers,what belongs to your business, but also to the management of the unexpected, to the improvisation that must obviously be taken into account when traveling in this continent.

A strike by Peruvian transport workers (which never lasts longer than 48 hours, relata refero) almost brought our somewhat tight plan to the failure.

Thanks to your organization, your associated company and the local tourism company, it was possible to catch up with all the backlog with the use of manageable resources in a single effort (night parforce taxi ride to Cusco) and not miss anything afterwards.

In general, it must be noted that the guides you provided were of the highest human and intellectual level, be it in La Paz, on Lake Titicaca, in Cusco or on the Galápagos. By the way: the small but fine catamaran line was of the intimacy. the friendliness and the service unsurpassed, the manager personally worried about the well-being of the guests, in short, everything was fine.

For this, dear Mr. Frobeen, thank you very much, especially for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream of getting to know this corner of the world with my beloved wife and after a successful and busy life.

Allow me to wish you continued success, also on behalf of my wife Dominique, in the kindest memory and with the tokens of thanks and respect for you
Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Pils FA for internal medicine, FA for occupational and industrial medicine, em.Primarius and deputy medical director of the general accident insurance AUVA. "

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