September 12.09.2022, XNUMX, individual travelers from Frobeen Erlebnisreisen, currently traveling in Peru:

 "Hello Mr. Frobeen,

Thank you for the lovely reminder. Yesterday afternoon (local time) we checked in for both flights (domestic and international).

We had a very nice holiday, the weather was always good, it never rained (only once at night on the Isla del Sol), all guides and drivers were just perfect.

Yesterday on the last day of our trip we conquered the Vinicunca ????????. An absolutely great experience and a wow view ????.

Thank you for the trip compilation, is definitely recommended.

Best regards,
Rebecca Sch."








"Seer dear Mr. Frobeen,

we would like to thank you very much for the excellently organized trip. Our primary destinations before the trip were the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.

We achieved these goals and our expectations were exceeded.

We would like to thank you very much for this great trip.
Your Christa and Dr. Friedrich Elstermann

Reference: couple Dr. Miehlke in Machu Picchu on 22.11.22/XNUMX/XNUMX:


Gäste in Machu Picchu

 "We had a wonderful day. Now take the train to Cuzco!

 Hello Mr. Frobeen, you are right, Machu Picchu was an impressive highlight and we are very happy that we were able to experience it. We owe this to the extraordinary commitment of the tour guide, who pulled out all the stops to make it possible. As requested, here is his invoice. We want to thank you very much for this wonderful trip, it will remain unforgettable for us. And we will certainly travel this wonderful continent again.
Best regards and thanks again. The Miehlkes"











Reference Boardbook from Catamaran, Small Group Tour Colombia & Panama, San Blas Islands, Caribbean, April 2022


Referenz Katamaranfahrt San Blas Inseln Karibik Panama im April 2022








Hello Mr. Frobeen,
Thank you very much for organizing our trip to Peru from October 10th to 23rd, 2009.

We all enjoyed it very much and everything went very well.

Our tour guide, Ronald Velazco, was very thoughtful and personable.
Yours sincerely,
Fam. Philipp & Clem




"Dear Mr. Frobeen,

we would like to thank you very much for a very impressive and unforgettable trip through Ecuador and Galápagos.

In particular, we owe you a perfectly planned process and thus a very relaxed and well-organized trip with very beautiful, individual hotels of various types.

We started in Quito in the north of Ecuador, in order to drive south over the road of the volcanoes over the Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Tungurahua (incl. Ash cloud !!).

Our guide Cristian actually managed to make the sun rise over the mountains and to hike with us at 5000 m!

The city of Cuenca as a World Heritage Site is also an experience. Then we went through banana and cocoa plantations to the tropical city of Guayaquil to fly from there to the Galápagos.

The smell of the sea lions is always the same, but each island harbors its individual beauty with flora and fauna and therefore each unique and impressive! 

The care on our motor catamaran Galápagos Journey I was perfect. We will always remember the snorkeling trips - when do you play with baby sea lions underwater, watch giant turtles eat or float through the water with manta rays !?

Galápagos another absolute highlight of our trip!

A very big thank you and best regards - Svenja Hahn "

"Dear Mr. Frobeen!
We would like to thank you for the perfect organization of our very individual trip to Ecuador including the Galapagos, Peru and Bolivia.

Since everything was planned very tightly by us, things could easily have gone wrong.

However, your partners have done all the services excellently and all problems, such as. B. the road and rail blockade to Cusco through strikes, solved sovereign. Our driver in Ecuador was also pleasant.
The only thing that didn't work was the return transfer from the sunny island to Copacabana: as no boat appeared until 8.00 a.m. at the agreed time (7.00 a.m.),

we had to get a boat on our own to catch the booked bus at 9.00:XNUMX a.m.

We therefore ask you to reimburse the costs of 40,00 USD = 29 € to our account XXXXXX XXXX at Postbank Muenchen (bank code 70010080).

But the supervisor in Copocabana also deserves praise for her great commitment, for example, to still reach the bus that has already left.

Thanks again and praise for everything   
Dr. Eduard + Christine S., Munich "


"Dear Mr. Frobeen,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the group for the good organization of our trip to Peru. It was a very pleasant surprise for all of us.

We never thought of such a fantastic country. You are absolutely right about what you said about Peru. Peru with its landscape and the Inca culture is simply overwhelming.

Sincerely yours,
Sam Hedro

September 2009

"Dear Mr. Frobeen,

Behind numerous e-mails, telephone calls, requests for payment, payment confirmations and similar business liabilities, there are people, living beings who, through a business contract, feel responsible for the course of travel and the well-being of customers - just as living beings.

It has to be like this, otherwise your organization could not have worked so well.

You are not only measured by the smooth interlocking of the various logistics stages, such as pick-ups, guides, hotels, transfers,what belongs to your business, but also to the management of the unexpected, to the improvisation that must obviously be taken into account when traveling in this continent.

A strike by Peruvian transport workers (which never lasts longer than 48 hours, relata refero) almost brought our somewhat tight plan to the failure.

Thanks to your organization, your associated company and the local tourism company, it was possible to catch up with all the backlog with the use of manageable resources in a single effort (night parforce taxi ride to Cusco) and not miss anything afterwards.

In general, it must be noted that the guides you provided were of the highest human and intellectual level, be it in La Paz, on Lake Titicaca, in Cusco or on the Galápagos. By the way: the small but fine catamaran line was of the intimacy. the friendliness and the service unsurpassed, the manager personally worried about the well-being of the guests, in short, everything was fine.

For this, dear Mr. Frobeen, thank you very much, especially for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream of getting to know this corner of the world with my beloved wife and after a successful and busy life.

Allow me to wish you continued success, also on behalf of my wife Dominique, in the kindest memory and with the tokens of thanks and respect for you
Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Pils FA for internal medicine, FA for occupational and industrial medicine, em.Primarius and deputy medical director of the general accident insurance AUVA. "









"Dear Mr. Frobeen,

We would like to thank you for the prepared Peru trip with a detour to Bolivia that you have offered and prepared.

The process and coordination with the local tour guides and drivers, the bus, train and boat trips as well as the pick-up at the airport, at the train stations and the transfer to the hotels were excellently organized. Here, too, a thank you to the tour operators on site.

The Guias were all personable, friendly, eloquent and reserved, had a profound background knowledge and were able to explain and bring us closer to the beauty of the landscape, the people and their way of life, the culture, history and architecture of the country.

The accommodations in the hotels were decent and the staff and service were friendly, polite, helpful and courteous. The breakfast was good and plentiful. A little difference or variety in the individual Casa Andina houses would perhaps be appropriate.

The ride on the Andean Express, the sunset and sunrise on the Isla del Sol and the impressions on the Macchu Pichu remain unforgettable experiences and have exceeded our expectations.

The country was more pleasant and safer than described in the guidebooks and traveling with the various means of transport was easy and uncomplicated thanks to the Guias.

Thank you very much, dear Mr. Frobeen, for your preparatory work and that you were able to fulfill our travel wishes at the other end of the world.

Anne and Peter Schmitz


"Hello Mr. Frobeen,
we had a great trip. Our driver guide was very friendly, helpful and really pleasant. The 3 weeks went by in a flash.

Our children were also enthusiastic about the guide. By and large, we followed your recommendations on the tour. We also had the necessary luck with the weather ... :-))

Galapagos was certainly the highlight of the trip. Ship, crew and guide, food was very good! The islands, landscapes and animals were just overwhelming. 
Thanks again and best regards
Ralf Lützner "









"Hello Mr. Frobeen,

now we are back a week from our dream trip to Peru. It was really great, especially the Galapagos Islands were a dream for us.

The Anahi was also really great, including the cast. Personally, we particularly enjoyed the tour in northern Peru.

There we could enjoy the life there and the pre-Inca cultures in peace.
The south, on the other hand, was quite touristy and partly overcrowded. But of course also very interesting. 
We would of course like to thank you for your route planning and organization. In the whole 50 days everything went very well and we were always looked after by all travel agencies very well and without any problems. All of the drivers and guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

We were also in contact with the emergency phone at your local agency. Our problems were resolved very quickly and satisfactorily.

Thank you for the great organization.

Enclosed a souvenir photo from the trip.

Brigitte and Anders Grönberg

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