Travel climate-conscious

Climate protection is a major concern of Frobeen Erlebnisreisen. We would therefore like to recommend our partner Atmosfair to you. Compensate for your flights, your cruise, your daily car journeys and support recognized climate protection projects all over the world.

Air traffic plays an important role in climate protection because it is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The climate effect of a flight Frankfurt - Los Angeles and back per passenger warms the climate about as much as 30 kilometers a day in the car for three years. However, for many trips there is no sensible alternative to air travel. For this reason, we want to work with atmosfair to relieve our climate.


What does atmosfair do? 
First of all, the amount of pollutants that arise during your flight is calculated and what it costs to save the amount elsewhere. With the emissions calculator on you can find out how badly the world climate is being impacted by your trip. And you can buy a climate protection certificate for the proposed amount or any amount.


Where does your money go? 
With your contribution to climate protection, you support and enable UN-certified environmental projects in developing countries (solar, hydropower, biomass or energy saving projects). These not only save verifiably greenhouse gases, but also improve the local environmental and living conditions of the people in the project regions sustainably. With your contribution, for example, the construction of a small hydropower plant in Honduras will be made possible, which guarantees a remote region of the country not only a reliable power supply but also additional jobs.

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Travel climate-consciously - Travel climate-consciously