Ecuador / Galápagos dream trip

(Warning: partially German-speaking Appointments can be booked, information on request!)

All the highlights of this unique Andean country with paradise on earth, Galápagos!


Galapagos island of Bartolome

Unesco World Heritage³ - it quickly leaves you breathless!

Let's go in the highest capital in the world - Quito (2.850m). Take your time for this vibrant, beautiful and historic capital of Ecuador that is impressive surrounded by 14 volcanoes lies. Then the air becomes even thinner and it goes to the two highest volcanoes in Ecuador: the "small" and still active one Cotopaxi (5.897m) and the highest volcano Chimborazo (6.310m).

You always wanted one Original panama hat have? In fairytale-beautiful Cuenca you can make this little dream come true.

Well protected, you can move on to a much bigger dream - the Galapagos Islands. From now on only words like “incredibly beautiful, unique, dreamy, heavenly, breathtaking ...” will come out of your mouth.

Come Lizards, iguanas, turtles, blue-footed boobies, albatrosses and sea lions so close that it almost takes your breath away.


11 days mainland part in comfort hotels € 3.498 pp  (Mainland part in economy hotels only € 2.998 pp)

15 days mainland plus Galápagos cruise from € 7.499 pp

You can also book this trip without the Galápagos cruise.  

Ecuador trekking / mountaineering

Ecuador's superlatives: ascent of the Cotopaxi and / or the Chimborazo


Chimborazo mountaineering 2000

Also bookable from / to Europe with arrival usually the day before with an additional night in Quito

Experienced mountaineers guarantee reliable on-site support!
In this program, special emphasis is placed on good acclimatization.

 8 days from € 1.349 pp 

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