Lively cultures on Lake Titicaca

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Lively cultures on Lake Titicaca



Puno lies at an altitude of approximately 4.000 m on the shores of Lake Titicaca, which is often referred to as the highest navigable lake in the world. According to a local legend, this lake is the cradle of Inca civilization: Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the children of the sun god, rose from the cold water of the lake to found the Inca empire. Here you have the opportunity to experience the traditions and festivals that have been preserved by the population for centuries.



Peru Sillustani Chullpas

Day 1

Juliaca / Puno

Reception on your arrival in Juliaca / Puno and transfer to the hotel. On the way you will visit the burial towers of Sillustani. The cylindrical mausoleums were used by the Aymara people as the burial place of their high priests.

The beauty of the landscape is made even more attractive by the Umayo lagoon opposite the tomb towers. Here you will also have the opportunity to observe typical birds of the region. The rest of the day is free to get used to the altitude, if you are traveling to Juliaca / Puno by train, the tour of Sillustani will be on day 3 of the program. F / - / -




Day 9 New Peru Trip Uro Islands

Day 2

Puno / Uros floating islands / Taquile island / Puno

Early in the morning you start an unforgettable boat trip on Lake Titicaca and first visit the floating islands of the Uros. The Uros people construct their islands by layering the bulrushes growing on the lake at regular intervals. The same material is also used for the construction of the houses and boats.
Our excursion continues to Taquile Island, which is inhabited by the Quechua people. The residents of Taquile have developed a very efficient social system from generation to generation. Her knitting skills are also admirable. After lunch at a local restaurant on Taquile, hike to the archaeological sites located on the island's hills.
Return to Puno in the afternoon. Transfer to the hotel. F / LB / -







Day 3

Puno / Juliaca

After breakfast transfer to the airport in Juliaca. F / - / -




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