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Hotel Silberstein, Puerto Ayora




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Coming by plane from Quito or Guayaquil, you land on Baltra, take the bus to the Itabaca Canal, where you take a ferry to the island of Santa Cruz.

On the bus ride across the island from north to south (approx. 45 minutes), you will experience the seven different contrasting microclimate zones with their different flora, before you finally arrive in Puerto Ayora and "your home", the Hotel Silberstein.

The family-run Hotel Silberstein is located in Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz, about 5 minutes' walk from the Charles Darwin research station and 50 m from the sea, right on the lively promenade of this charming port town.

The popular hotel was built in a Mediterranean style and has 22 rooms with double beds or two single beds, bathroom, fan (with air conditioning for an extra charge).

There is a small pool in the tropical garden of the hotel complex. National and international dishes are served in the hotel's El Pelícano restaurant. The hotel also has a coffee bar.



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The hotel has a fascinating history: At the beginning of the 20th century, the German Angermeyer family came to the Galápagos Islands as one of the first immigrant families and built the Residencia Angermeyer, which from then on acted as the first point of contact for interesting news on the island.

The new owners, Werner and Gabriele Silberstein from Germany, initially continued the name. The traditional hotel has only been called "Hotel Silberstein" since July 2002. The new name stands for modern service combined with traditional hospitality.





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Information about the diving center, Hotel Silberstein:
The dive sites around the islands are among the best diving areas in the world. Diving with large fish and especially with large marine life is one of the most spectacular underwater experiences here.

The office of the Dive Center Silberstein Galapagos is located in the "Hotel Silberstein" in the heart of the picturesque town of Puerto Ayoras on the island of Santa Cruz. The premises with the equipment and compressors are located outside of the hotel in the immediate vicinity. For guests staying in other hotels in the area (such as the Hotel Mainao), the diving center offers a shuttle service from the hotel to the diving boat and back.


Note on diving in the Galápagos:
Diving in the Galapagos is not recommended for divers who have never been on a dive before. Many dive operators in the Galapagos first take their customers to an easy-to-dive spot to assess their skills and orientate themselves, as the waters around Galapagos are among the top 10 most difficult dive sites. The dives are often straight, but the strong currents and visibility, waves and cold water brought in by the currents change the water. It is necessary to bring your PADI card and dive logs to the Galapagos.
Despite its position on the equator, the waters surrounding the Galapagos are cold. The Humboldt Current, which comes from deep waves from the south, brings with it water that is colder than 10 degrees. The mix of 5 degrees cold water with warmer currents results in an average temperature of 18 degrees all year round with minimum temperatures of 13 degrees. In the warm season from December to May, the water is often warmer at 23 degrees.
If you bring your own equipment, make sure you have a warm wetsuit. However, all equipment can be rented on site for a fee.
Simple swimwear is sufficient for snorkeling, as the Galapagos waters can reach a surface temperature of up to 30 degrees at the equator.

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